Data Science Professional Program

To continue to provide relevant marketable course content that is aligned with industry and market changes, the Structured Query Language, Database Design & Development Certificate Program has been transformed to the new Data Science Professional Program (DSP2).

Why the change? The variety, velocity, volume, and veracity Thof data being acquired by organizations present unforeseen challenges to these enterprises as they grapple with developing practical approaches to extract the value from what is now known as “Big Data”. These challenges provide opportunities for professionals who understand and know how to access, analyze, validate and visualize large datasets.

The program includes courses on data; data modeling, data analytics methods & tools; big data technologies and, architecture/infrastructure; and data visualization technologies. The DSP2 will have a stronger focus on database architecture.

DSP2 is designed to prepare participants to become leaders in the rapidly growing data science and “big data” professions. This is a new exciting program that will continue to change and be refined to provide relevant content that is aligned with market and industry needs.

Our curriculum can be customized to meet the specific business requirements of your enterprise.

Program Modules

Phase IV - Business Intelligence & Analytics
Phase V - Programming
  • Foundations of Algorithms
  • Data Structures I
  • Python
  • R
Phase VI - Database Technologies
  • Database Technologies II - Oracle
  • Database Technologies III - MySQL
Phase VII - Big Data
  • Introduction to Big Data Technologies
  • Database Technologies IV - NoSQL/NewSQL
Phase VIII - Advanced Analytics/Programming
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
Data Governance
  • Data Governance Strategy

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