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Strategic Management

Strategic Management Program is our new program that evolved from a strategy course. This program provides practical tools to analyze and determine the current state and the direction of an organization. Learners will learn how to apply various strategic models for determining viable directions to elevate organizational performance, create value for the organization's stakeholders and improve internal and external communications.

Data Science

Data Science Professional Program (DSP2) is a transformative program for business and technology professionals, designed to bridge the gap between the two disciplines. DSP2 begins with data concepts that serve as the foundation in a world of big data and data analytics. The program includes courses on data modeling; data analytics, data visualization, big data technologies, data governance, and data strategies.

Project Management

Project Management Certificate Program is delivered with a strategic framework. The program provides professionals the knowledge and skills to successfully lead and manage projects regardless of scope or industry. The program enables learners to manage their project more efficiently and effectively.

Beyond the classroom

Integrated Learning

Extend your education beyond your chosen learning discipline by participating on a cross-learning project where you will interact with learners enrolled in other programs.

Community Learning

When you enroll in any of our programs you will gain access to HL360.NET our Learner's Portal which provides you access to content to all of our programs. You will also be able to participate in peer-to-peer learning using our KNOG - KNowledge blOG.

Learning to Learn

The rapid pace of change causes knowledge to quickly become obsolete. The gold now lies in the ability to learn. When you enroll in our programs you will "learn how to learn" which makes you more adaptable and marketable.

Continuous Learning

When you complete any of our programs you will continue to have access to HL360.NET. This will support your continuous learning effort allowing you to stay connected with other learners.

Knowledge Network

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Competitive Learners

Heuristic Learning is one of the only training providers that fosters ongoing collaboration and networking amongst its learners after completing their courses. HL is committed to fostering lifelong learning amongst our learners. Visit our website to view our programs.

Heuristic Learning

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Executive Learners

Strategos Academy (SA) is the first education provider dedicated to delivering Strategy, Leadership. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology curriculum. SA also utilizes an Integrated Learning model that focuses on a seamless blend of course curriculums with a single focus.

Will be launched in 2016!
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Entrepreneur Learners

Got an Idea! Attend a Sketched on a Napkin workshop and become a member of a community where your ideas gain courage to become a reality. Sketched on a Napkin fosters an environment of creative collaboration where you will think, learn, teach and share concepts for innovative development.

Sketched on a Napkin
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Golden Learners

...humanizing digital technology learning.
gT focuses on technology education and training for the 60+ generation who desire purposeful education and training. This program is designed for 60+ learners who desire to return to the workforce, are starting a business, or need to elevate their technology knowledge to remain professionally competitive.


What HL Learners Say

Having no prior knowledge in Microsoft Office Access or any other database system software, my instructor Darin Wright was able to provide me with the fundamentals in database concepts during my Access Beginner and Intermediate courses at Union County College, Continuing Education classes. Instructor Wright was patient and would go over concepts until each student understood these concepts. It solidified the material for me. I left his class with an understanding of; database relationships, how important the collection of data is in society today and the endless possibilities this data can be used. Great Class!

Theresa F.
Microsoft Access I, II - 2016

The Project Management Program at Union County College has been a rewarding learning experience. Although I have worked as a project manager prior to taking this course, I have found that this course has given me the insight and formal training that ties my past experience together , and gives me a firm foundation to move forward in getting my certification in this field. The instructor is a well-seasoned professional who uses real life experience to further add to the learning experience.

I highly recommend the program.

Robert S.
Project Management Program - Fall 2016

Recently I have had the good fortune to have been able to have instruction in classes in Microsoft Access 2013 at Union County Community College given by Heuristic Learning, LLC. Even though I have some familiarity with Access, the beginner's class that I participated in taught me new and also alternate methods of using the product. The intermediate class also, took me further into knowing different aspects of Access 2013. The instructor was very thorough in the presentation and also was very efficient instructing the classes. He could perceive when his instruction was a bit beyond our comprehension and made sure that we understood what he was teaching before moving forward. He answered all questions completely and was very patient with all attendees. I would highly recommend to anyone that is in need of learning MS Access to seek instruction from Heuristic Learning, LLC.

Robert P.
Microsoft Access I, II - 2016

This is the one of the best classes I’ve had in a long time. Course slides were well prepared, structured perfectly and flowed nicely. Instructor is fantastic in every way – presentation, personality, sense of humor, sensitivity to all students, most important his professionalism and experience aided in making this a true learning experience for me. It is definitely an excellent course and I highly recommend to anyone who either wants to prepare for the PMP exam or wants to gain knowledge to advance their careers.

Nina L.
Project Management Program - Fall 2016

While there appears to be a trend for online coursework, last night's class was an example of the qualitative difference in class instruction. While you covered a very narrow aspect of Access's capabilities, I felt I got to know it in greater detail in that same aspect than my online training provided. Spontaneous and immediate responses seemed to be integral to that learning. Online training will non-immediate answers to one's questions and deadlines waiting to be met can leave one with a sense of abandonment and a superficial knowledge of the nature of Access.

Walter D. Data Science Professional Program - Summer 2016