Learning to succeed in a changing world

Solution Oriented Learning
Learning to succeed in a changing world.
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What you know today may have little value tomorrow.
Today's knowledge and methods will be tomorrow's "how we used to do it". The accelerating rate of change will make "know-it-alls" obsolete. Experts will be those who have become adept at learning. Therefore it is critical that one focuses more on learning to learn and not simply acquiring knowledge. We show our students how to formulate self-learning strategies. Improved the ROI on your educational and training investment.
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If you don't invest in yourself why should anyone else invest in you?
Improve ROI on your educational investment.
Learning is more than taking classes and regurgitating the material. To be effective you must be able to synthensize the new subject matter with existing knowledge and experiences to achieve innovative solutions to meet the task at hand. Heuristic Learning extends your educational investment beyond the time you spend in the classroom.

Our approach to education and training focuses on more than providing the subject matter. We focus on getting our students to:
  • Learn to learn by formulating learning strategies
  • Utilizing available resources (Internet, Help Systems) to solve problems
  • Building a collaborative team
  • Immediately finding a purpose to apply the subject matter if none exists
Why use Heuristic Learning?
  • We believe that learning to learn is important
  • We apply solution-oriented learning techniques
  • We perform individualized and customized teaching
  • We correlate our curriculum to real and practical business scenarios
  • We enjoy what we do!
In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.
Eric Hoffer, philospher
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